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About Me


Healing was something that was a natural part of me since I was a child. The fact that my father was a doctor and my mother a nurse might have been a good foundation to be calm in storms. I have been through some storms in life. I've been dealing with serious accidents, and physical extreme processes. So applying everything on myself was my main teacher towards offering authentic healing. I had some amazing teachers along the way. The most impacting teachers have avoided fame, so there's no point of mentioning their names here. But I'll be glad to talk about them on request. I've studied Tai-Chi with Ma Jiang Bao for six years. I completed three teacher and therapy educations in a six year period of time at the Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy Institute in Amsterdam. I've been a a core team member in developing the 1.0 version of UZAZU with Dylan Newcomb and a team of extraordinary titans of transformational work. I'm certified in the Emotion Code and Master Tunes. And the list continues, but I'll stop here. the main thing is, do we have a click to do something beautiful together which helps you be you.

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