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M3 Meditation

This M3 meditation will focus on healing our hearts and balancing the We and I conscousness.

Every first Friday of the month I'm offering a free meditation. Please sign up by sending an e mail and you'll receive a zoom link for participation.

The meditations are 45 minutes long and at 9 pm Amsterdam time.

Free donations are possible, but not mandatory for participation. Let me know if you'd like to sign up and contribute with your wonderful presence. After signing up you'll receive the zoom link which enables you to participate, and a link with the option to donate. I currently help children under the age of 15 for free. Donations allow me to free up more time for them. Thank you from the core of my heart! Let's make our selves and this world a more loving vibrational song.

This Friday the meditation will also hold the intention to lift humanity up by lifting and healing our selves. We are all connected. As we rise others can rise.


December 13, 20 and 27. January 3 and 10

from 8 - 9.15 pm.

At the moment I'm teaching a yoga course online. It's spinal rejuvenation yoga. 2 students can participate in the studio.To participate from home you'll need the full set of Critical Alignment Yoga tools.

This classes start with some energy medicine stress relief. Then a very gentle relaxing spinal mobilisation part, combined with breathing and meditation. Then we work into an active series and flow of asanas and close the class with a short relaxation. This classes will help you to release tension and rebalance relaxation and strength. The classes activate your inner coherence between the major three centres and your body & spirit.

If you are interested to join send me and e mail to

The classes are via zoom and payments via paypal.

The whole course needs to be transferred before the beginning of the course or paid cash. There's no refund if you can't attend, but you can send someone in your place. The classes have a low number of participants. So it's very private and everybody gets corrected when needed.

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