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Your Life Belongs to You. Take It Back.

For First Contact e mail me at

My Approach

Through The Healing Of Trauma On An Energetical And Subconscious Level Your Radiance And Authenticity Can Increase

Trauma could be described as a frozen energy. I also like to call it an incompleted cycle of Love In Movement. As love likes to flow and complete her movements, the blocking of that creates a tension. This tension wants to be brought back to movement again. I work with various techniques and tools to allow that to happen. Depnding on your needs I might offer some healing through energy healing and medicine. But I might also work on aligning your bones through a yoga therapy method. The last one can only be offered in person. Onlie and on distance I can provide energy healing and medicine.

My Services & Programs

For the moment I offer individual online sessions and also online group events.

Group Sessions

I offer group events like meditations, transformational jounreys and body-mind spiritual practices that shift the flow and interaction between people. New options open up instead of downloading behaviour from the past. My favorite gift is to teach groups how to balance the individual and collective needs and gifts, the I and the We in a harmonious coherence.

Individual Sessions

These sessions work perfectly well online as in person. After a two hour intake session, we can continue working in singular sessions or a package offer with discount.

Yoga Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy

This program can only been done in person and not online. Because of the current situation it's only possible as individual/couples classes In The Netherlands. It can be done at my studio or in your home. If we work in your home, you'll need to purchase the yoga tools I work with.


Success Stories

Coming Soon

For some older testimonials please check on this website:

For some older testimonials please check on this website:

For some older testimonials please check on this website:

Reach Out


To contact me please e-mail me at:

Once you choose to have a session with me we'll establish a zoom call. I'm currently in The Netherlands.

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